Why did you resign from your previous job?

The interviewer will ask the question “Why did you resign from your previous job?” to know why you are interested in their job. Here you must reply to the answer with the positive things only. This question is very difficult to answer as it creates a fear in people which lose confidence. Never go bad about your previous company/organization or your manager.

The interviewer will be interested in knowing about your previous job position, so be prepared about your last job. This question is hard to reply but try to put your good reason in front of the interviewer. If your job is for the contract period then it is easy to reply as because your contract period of a job is completed. In other cases interviewer will try to check out some more things from you, they check like,

  • Did you leave for good reason or bad?
  • Did you leave willingly?
  • Did you leave on good expressions?
  • What is your previous work value?

Be Authentic while Answering the question Why did you resign from your previous job?

Candidate 1 said:

I would like to thank my previous organization. I learned a lot of new things and gained a lot of experience from that company. Because of that company I am in a good position now. I came here because I worked as a contract employee in that company that’s the reason I came here. Now I want to make a carrier in a good company and prove my ability.

Candidate 2 said:

I am satisfied with my previous work, but I am unable to keep my complete efforts to grow more as the company is small. I want to work in a big organization where I can put in my complete effort and gain more knowledge. My previous organization doesn’t provide this opportunity to enhance my skills that’s why I want to choose another company. Through my friend, I came to know about your company which has a lot of opportunities to grow more and improve skills. For this reason, I wish to resign from my previous job.

Candidate 3 said:

If truth be told, I thank my earlier company and manager. They encouraged me a lot to grow my carrier in the future. I thought that they are my tutor who changed me to professional life. I want a little bit of challenge to grow more than my previous company, so I choose to work in the big organizations. I hope I can full fill your requirements and achieve my goal.


The question “Why did you resign from your previous job” is very tricky so you just have to answer very carefully, and respectfully that means, you have to respect your previous work culture and your previous work which makes the interviewer more Interested in you. Because the interviewer wants you to respect the previous and your present organization also you have to love the organization and your team members as family members. So don’t make any mistakes but through an allegation on some people which is not very authentic and not provable.

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